How to link Aadhaar with PAN

Central Board of Direct Taxes, Government of India has made Aadhaar mandatory for filing returns. Income Tax India website is now providing option to link your Aadhaar card with your PAN card. These are following ways one can link Aadhaar with their PAN card.Open in a web browser and you should see the following […] Read More

Moto G5 Plus – How to scan barcodes using the camera (without any third party app)

Scanning barcodes is now more simple as there is no need of installing a third party app to scan the it as the Moto G5 Plus device comes with its own active viewfinder, which lets you scan barcodes using the Camera app itself. You can test this by opening the camera app and scan a […] Read More

Moto G5 Plus – How to use OTG (USB On The Go)

Moto G5 Plus comes with a OTG support, where you can copy the files from your pen drive (and vice versa) by connecting it to your phone via the OTG cable. There are lot of OTG cable available in the market based on the brands. Some of the pen drive nowadays comes with the OTG […] Read More

Moto G5 Plus – Google Assistant

Google Assistant helps you search anything on the internet through your voice commands. Though the Google Assitant comes with the Android version it is well integrated with the G5 Plus model. To activate the Google Assistant long press the home button (short press will lock your phone when you have the fingerprint sensor activated). After […] Read More

Moto G5 Plus – How to use Do Not Disturb option

No need to put your Moto G5 Plus phone on silent mode or turn down the volume button when you are driving or in a meeting for an incoming call. Just tilt your phone upside down to make it silent. To enable this, just follow the below steps:Open the Moto app, and then select Actions, […] Read More

Moto G5 Plus – Unlock apps using fingerprint

Fingerprint is not just used for locking or unlocking your Moto G5 Plus phone, it can also be used to unlock the apps on your phone. You will have to install a third party app to do this. You might have used the App Locker apps earlier, where it will ask for some passwords or […] Read More

Moto G5 Plus – Soft and Hard boot

It is unlikely that any phone gets hanged because of too many apps running or some apps could make your phone hang. In that situation you could simply remove the battery from the phone and put them back and start it which will work fine. But on the Moto G5 Plus there is no option […] Read More

Moto G5 Plus – Cast phone screen using Chromecast

You can cast your Moto G5 Plus phone’s screen using Chromecast, by doing this you could see the pics, videos and even when you play games can be displayed on the TV. But you should be having a Chromecast connected to your TV. Once you switch on your TV with Chromecast connected, turn on the […] Read More

Moto G5 Plus, Software Update

Moto G5 Plus comes with the latest version of Android, which is 7.0 aka Nougat. On the internet it is said that Android 7.1.2 arrives for Pixel and Nexus devices, may be google will soon roll out this update for G5 Plus too. To find the android version of your phone, go to Settings and […] Read More

Know your Moto G5 Plus

This phone is very easy to set up as other Moto models, it has got a separate tray at the top left corner where you can place dual sims and the SD card, that’s it and you are ready to use the phone. There is no option of removing the back cover of this phone […] Read More

Add multiple users on Moto G5 Plus

As you know, to access your G5 plus phone you need to sign on with your google id, apart from that it allows you to add multiple users so that this device can be shared with other users you create. These user when they login have their own space like own wallpapers, apps, widgets etc.The […] Read More

Stop Notification of any apps on Moto G5 Plus

Most of the apps that we have on our phone keeps throwing notifications like whatsapp or any news app. There is an option where these notifications can be stopped  for any particular app which we are not interested in. Let’s have a quick look on how to do this:Go to the Moto app, tap Display […] Read More

Moto G5 Plus – Quick Tips and Hidden Secrets

There are loads of shortcuts on the G5 Plus, you will start exploring it when you keep using the phone. This article will help you learn them quickly,Camera: The camera can be opened quickly by just twisting your wrist twice, this will open the rear camera even when the phone is locked. Twist your wrist […] Read More

Moto G5 Plus – Turn on flashlight with chopping motions

No more pain of unlocking your phone and then tapping on the flashlight app to turn it on when there is a sudden power cut or you are in the dark. Its very easy on your Moto G5 Plus.You could turn the flashlight on/off with two chopping motions, Hold your phone tight and make two […] Read More

One button navigation on Moto G5 Plus

There are lot of new features available on the Moto G5 Plus, one such feature is the One button navigation. This feature says, forget buttons, use fingerprint sensor to navigate and get more screen space.To enable this feature, go to the Moto app in your app drawer, tap Actions and tap on One button nav. […] Read More

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