15 powerful tips to use Google search more effectively

Google search is the most popular search tool and the followings tips would help in search web pages using Google more efficiently

Exclude Words

If you want to exclude any word from the search result then you can specify the search string as “Search Terms” – “Exclude Words”

India Cricket IPL

In the above example, the search results would exclude word India from web pages containing search term Cricket IPL

Exact Phrase

If you want to the search results to contain pages matching the exact words then search term must specified with in double quotes “Microsoft Outlook”

Current Time

For finding out the current time of a particular place the search term has to be “What time is it <location>”. Replace <location> with name of the location.

Chennai Time

Meaning of a Word

This can be done by specifying the search term after “define”. Shown below is the web definition for word Google

About Google


Google search can be used as a calculator by specifying the numbers and with the corresponding operators in the search text box

Google Calculator

Rapid Share

If you want to use Google search for searching Rapid Share site for eBooks, Movies et.c then you can specify the following search terms in search text box

PDF – site:rapidshare.com inurl:pdf

MP3 – site:rapidshare.com inurl:mp3

AVI – site:rapidshare.com inurl:avi

RAR – site:rapidshare.com inurl:rar

rapidshare slumdog millionaire moview download

Movie Reviews

Movie Reviews in Google Search

“movie slumdog millionaire” search term would bring search results containing movie reviews for slumdog millionaire film.

Stock Information

Google search can be used for finding stock information of a stock symbol entered in the search text box

Site Search

If you want to search only a specific web site pages then the search term can be specified as “site:<web site>:<search word>”

If you want to search blogmines.com for editplus then search term should be site:blogmines.com editplus

OR Operator

OR operator can be used for doing This or that search. For example if you want to see web pages containing words apples or oranges then the search term has to be apples or oranges.

Match Score

When you want to check the latest score of a cricket, football and other sports, you can type “cricket score” or “fifa score” to get the match results or live score.

Live Cricket Score using Google Search


Sports score using Google Search

City Weather

Use city name followed weather to find out the current weather in a city.

Cities weather using Google Search


Sunrise or Sunset

When you want to find out the sunrise or sunset for a city, type the city name followed by sunrise or sunset.

Sunrise of a city using Google Search

Exchange rate conversion

You can quickly find out the exchange rate between two currencies using Google Search. “10 usd to inr” to display the converted currency value for 10 dollars to Indian Rupees.

Exchange rate conversion using Google Search

Flight Schedules

Google Search can be used for checking flight schedules between two cities.

Flight schedule between two cities using Google Search

For more tips check out Google Search Features

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