10 Tips to make your Samsung Galaxy faster

Started feeling the slowness of your Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 smartphone? Here are some tips to make it faster.

Tip 1: Try restarting your phone which will fix most of your phones performance related problems.

Tip 2: Its time now to uninstall the unwanted apps. Having lots of apps consume more memory, clearing some of them would definitely improve the performance.

Tip 3: Always keep your apps on the phone rather than having it on the SD card. This will help access the apps faster.

Tip 4: Don’t use any third party apps to kill the active applications or free the memory, the latest version of android are well enough to handle the memory. When there is not enough memory, the low memory killer (LMK) frees the memory automatically by clearing the least recently used (LRU) list.

Tip 5: Don’t use live wallpapers as they too consume some memory, use only static wallpapers.

Tip 6: Always use Task manager to clear the applications that are not in use.

Tip 7: Don’t keep too much of widgets on your home screen, they too consume more memory.

Tip 8: Always use recommended size of SD card. Grand series support up to 64GB, but its better use 32GB or 16GB.

Tip 9: Better to take back up of photos / videos and clear them from the phone / SD card, this will improve the performance.

Tip 10: Better not to use any third party launcher applications. This will slow down while accessing the phone.

When you still feel that you don’t find the performance better after following all these tips, the last tip is to do a reset. Click here to know more on how to reset your phone.

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