Global System for Mobile Communications(GSM) and Code Division Multiple Access(CDMA)

GSM -Global System for Mobile Communications

  • Coverage – GSM has a wide coverage
  • Identification – uses of SIM (Subscriber Identity Module).
  • Roaming – supports roaming with in the country as well international roaming.
  • Battery Power – more usage because data is always transmitted
  • Data Speed – uses EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution) – Approximately 300 kbps.

CDMA – Code Division Multiple Access

  • Coverage – Comparatively less coverage as there are many providers for GSM Cards
  • Identification – part of phone that is one major disadvantage.
  • Roaming – supports romaing but we need to have a separate card for International roaming.
  • Battery Power – Less usage.
  • Data Speed – uses EDO (Evolution Data Optimized) – up to 2 megabits per second.


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