15 most popular and useful windows live writer plugins.

Listed below are the most popular windows live writer plug-in.

SnagIt Capture

SnagIt allows users to take snapshot of  forms, application and any thing on your PC screen. And Windows Live Writer plug-in with SnagIt integration is quite useful for bloggers to capture images for their blog post.



This adds a DiggThis badge to the blog post and so that visitors can Digg the blog post.


Social Bookmarking Tags

This provides bookmarking tags for a blog post. This supports most of social bookmarking sites such as digg it, Social, reddit, yahoo, technorati and many more


Twitter Notify

This sends a tiny URL of the blog post to your Twitter account. The tiny URL is generated using TinyURL service



websnapr service allows you to capture screen shots of any web page. And websnapr plugin provides this integration to to Windows Live Writer.

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Insert Smiley’s

This plug-in inserts yahoo and msn smiley’s to your blog post. This is also provides to add custom smiley’s



Flickr Upload

This inserts a inline photos which gets uploaded to your Flickr account.


Insert File

This allows to insert file to your blog post. The inserted file is uploaded to the server and creates a link to that file in blog post.


Code Snippet

A technical blogger must have such plug-in which allows to insert code snippet with syntax highlighting


Blog this for Firefox

Blog this Firefox button launches windows live writer with the content from current web page.



This plugin provides option to publish the blog post to DZone which is a aggregating sites – fresh links for developers


Insert Wikipedia Link

This allows to insert Wikipedia link in to your blog post.


Now Playing

This inserts currently playing title to your blog post. This plug-in supports Winamp, iTunes, Foobar2000, XMPlay and Windows Media Player.



This automatically suggests links, images, stories based on the content of the blog post. These suggestions appear on the sidebar of Windows Live Writer and can be inserted by a single click.


Amazon Quick Link

This easily alllows to create Amazon affiliate links to your blog post


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