15 Text Functions in Google Docs Spreadsheet

Listed below are the 15 text functions that you should be familiar in Google Docs Spreadsheet.

  • concat – This is used for concatenating two text.

  • code – Returns the character code for the entered character.

  • exact – Compares two texts whether they are same and returns a Boolean

  • find – Returns the position of a character in the entered text.

  • left – Extracts specified number of characters from the left most in the given text.

  • len – Returns the count of characters in the entered text.

  • lower – Converts the entered text in to lowercase.

  • mid – Extracts the specified number of characters from the defined position in the given text.

  • proper – Changes the first character in a text in to Upper Case and rest of the characters in lower case.

  • rept – Repeats the entered text a specified number of times.

  • right – Extracts specified number of characters from the right most in the given text.

  • substitute – Finds the character in string and replaces it with new character.

  • trim – Returns a text after removing the leading and trailing spaces.

  • value – Converts a text value in to a number.

  • upper – Converts the entered text in to uppercase.

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  • MLITTY October 24, 2014, 2:13 am

    How can I convert a number to text?
    If I have a column of data, some with a pure number, 1, 8, 9, etc, and some with a mix of numbers and letters, 1-r, 3-m, 1-c, etc. I want to be able to filter for rows that have a cell containing a “1” anywhere in the cell, whether it’s a number 1 or a combination 1-b.

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