15 useful keyboard shortcuts for Google Spreadsheets

Listed below are 15 useful keyboard shortcuts for Google Spreadsheets

Keyboard Shortcut


Tab Move one cell
Shift+Tab Move one cell to the left
Ctrl+Page Down Move to next worksheet
Ctrl+Page Up Move to previous worksheet
Ctrl+Backspace Scroll to the active cell when multiple cells are selected
Ctrl+; Insert current date into cell
Ctrl+: Insert current time into cell
Ctrl+/ Open keyboard shortcuts help
Alt+Shift+F Move focus to menu bar
Ctrl+A Select the entire worksheet
Ctrl+F Find words or phrases within the spreadsheet
Ctrl+S Save
Ctrl+spacebar Select the entire column
Shift+spacebar Select the entire row
Ctrl+Shift+S Make a copy of the document

Click here for a complete list of Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Spreadsheets.

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