3-D ringtone effect in Nokia 5800

Nokia 5800 has the 3-D stereo feature with which the sounds come in a 3-D effect. You can use this feature for your ringtones and see how they work. Here are the steps to enable this,

1. Go to Settings -> Profiles -> Personal -> click Options and Personalise


2. You get a screen where you can change all the preferred setting here, just scroll down to see the option 3-D ringing tone effect.


3. By default this feature would have the option set as off, click this to select different types of 3-D ringing effect.


4. These are 6 types of 3-D ringing effects, select each one of them by a single tap (you don’t have to say ok to hear each tone effect)

5. When you are happy with any of these types say OK and come out of the screen

6. Next time when you receive a call you could hear the 3-D ringing effect of your phone.

7. You can set any ring tone as 3-D ring tone effect woks for all ring tones.

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