A quick look at Windows 8 Task Manager

Here we are going to have a quick look at the Windows 8 (Developer Preview) Task Manager. Windows 8 users can access the Task Manager by right clicking on the Task bar and selecting Start Task Manager option from the menu list.

Windows 8 Start Task Manager

Using Windows 8 Task manager, users can find more details about the Processes, Performance and more.


Windows 8 Processes tab

This display different processes that are currently active in your system. Also shows the Status and CPU, Memory, Disk and Network usage of individual process. you kill any process by selecting the process and clicking the End Task button.


Windows 8 Performance tab

Performance tab shows more detail information on CPU, Memory, Disk, Wireless ad Network usage. From this tab, users can access Resource Monitor by clicking the Launch Resource Monitor link.

Windows 8 Resource Monitor

App History

App History displays the total resource usage taken by each apps since the last reset date. If you want to clear the captured history then click the Reset usage data. This also provides users to launch an app from Task Manager using the Switch To button.

Windows 8 App History


Startup tab shows the application which have been configured to start during Windows 8 Startup.

Windows 8 Startup

If you have too many application on Windows 8 startup then it might slow down your system and you can remove un wanted application on startup using the disable button.


Windows 8 Users

User’s tab lets you to identify the system usage based on the logged on users. Using the Disconnect button you can remove any user session from the system.


Windows 8 Details

This provides information about the process with the description, image, user name, CPU and memory usage.


Another new addition to the Windows 8 Task Manager is the Services tab. You can find out the list services installed on your system with their PID and the current status

Windows 8 Services tab

If you feel the above mentioned details are too much for you then you can go for a simpler task manager by selecting Fewer Details option. This will only show the application name along with the option for terminating the application.

Simple Windows 8 Task Manager

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