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The Browser Cache is a special feature that is capable of storing the contents of a webpages and displaying the stored data every time the same content is generated since then. It is like taking a "screenshot" of the webpage and using that screenshot. This helps in faster page loading, because the server doesn’t download the content to your terminal every time, in fact it downloads just for the first time, and uses that images and files from then onwards.

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There is also another feature called cache lifetime. This is an indication of how long will the same cache contents be used before being refreshed again. Say the lifetime is 15 minutes; the cache memory will be cleared after 15 minutes from initialization, and the next set of data will be recorded into it.

Although cache is very useful, sometimes it makes the user land into severe confusion, especially web developers who want to display the updated contents every now and then. Having a cache will display the same contents for the desired lifetime, and then update the contents. So, it is hampering the process of continuous update. It is therefore necessary for people having slower connection speed, to clear browser cache. Clearing cache also frees a lot of disk space.

This is going to be a series of posts explaining the steps to follow for clearing browser cache of popular browsers.

Clear browser cache in Google Chrome.

Clear browser cache in Internet Explorer.

Cache settings in Firefox browser.

Clear browser cache in Safari.

Clear browser cache in Opera.

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