Add multiple users on Moto G5 Plus

As you know, to access your G5 plus phone you need to sign on with your google id, apart from that it allows you to add multiple users so that this device can be shared with other users you create. These user when they login have their own space like own wallpapers, apps, widgets etc.The users can uninstall your apps and update the apps. So it is said that you share this phone with people you trust.

Here are the steps to do this, Go to Settings -> scroll down and tap on users. On this screen you can either add a guest or a new user. When you try to add a guest it takes you to access the phone with a different login screen, but it doesn’t allow the guest user to access some apps like messages, making calls etc. This applies same when you add a new user.

You can switch between different users and can remove the user if you don’t want. This feature will be useful where you can create a separate login for your kids to access your phone. As said share this phone with people you trust as they have the access to remove or update apps etc.

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