Advanced Features found in Excel 2016 & 2013 Which Users Ignore

One thing that is conspicuous about Excel 2016 & 2013 is the new look it exhibits. Although it does not have numerous new features, all the old ones have been improved such that they offer quick, professional and perfect results. Both old and new users are sure to enjoy the way these features help in dealing with difficult queries and the effective way of providing solutions to various problems.

Among the latest features you are likely to get on Excel 2016 & 2013 include:

A brand new starting screen

Unlike in the past when a blank sheet appeared on starting MS Excel, a totally new and beautiful page greets you in the new Excel 2013. This new landing page gives you a quick glance of everything involved such as “Recent Workbooks.” Various templates which are arranged in a tiled format help the user to choose a preferred format to suit his or her requirements. These can range from individual accounting to financial reports. The SkyDrive or SharePoint account to which you are currently linked is displayed at the top right corner of the screen and you can also deactivate this start screen if need arises.


Quick Analysis’ Tool

The Excel 2016 & 2013 “Quick Analysis” device allows you to change your data into a table or chart in only one or two steps. By clicking only once, you will be able to see the preview of data with charts, sparklines or conditional formatting.


The Magic of Flash Fill

This operates like a personal assistant. It helps you to detect whatever you want to do as well as entering the rest of the data and completing the work faster. This is possible because it quickly grasps the pattern that is being followed. For instance, in a given list of names, “Flash Fill” will help you to separate the first name from the surname within a short time. This is achieved by simply selecting a column adjacent to the data and typing the first name and pressing “Enter”. Repeat the same procedure to separate the surnames.


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