All about Google Docs – an intro

All about Google Docs – an intro

When you logon to your Gmail account, you would see some of the features that Google has provided like Orkut, Calendar, Web and Documents. When you click on the link Documents it takes to a page where Google calls it as Google docs. This is a place where you can create your word documents, spreadsheets and presentations without MS Office being installed on your computer. Mostly what we do is create documents or presentations using the MS Office and then save it and then send those docs to anyone through mail.

When you use Google docs you can create the documents or presentations and send them immediately via email without any tools required. Let’s see here how to use Google docs,

From the screenshot below when you logon to your Gmail account you could see the link Documents, just click that,


You are taken to the page where you can create the documents or presentations. Now as shown in the screenshot below click the “Create new” button to see what Google docs allows you to do, it lets you create documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms and drawings.


Click the option Document that will let you create a document. If you have already used MS Office’s Word you would wonder it is the same as you see here. Just type some text in the area where I have done here. You can’t expect all the features that MS word offers, but still Google docs offers you with the very basic tools as you would see when start using it.


There are options like formatting your text by making it a heading as shown in the below screenshot.


So when I am done with formatting the text with a heading 1, now let’s use the colour text tool bar.


You also have options to upload an image from your local machine, attach URL etc.


To name your doc click File and Rename. To my knowledge I don’t think so we have option to save the documents. But don’t worry Google docs takes care of saving your documents automatically. Here are other options like creating a new document, open document, make a copy, print preview and print documents.

clip_image014 clip_image016

You can download the document that you have created by clicking File -> Download as. You have the options like getting your created document to your local machine with the following formats, PDF, RTF, Text, Word and HTML.


So here is how you will find your documents saved in Google docs.


Here is video which shows how Google docs works,

Google docs video

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