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Google pack is a bundle of software’s which are very useful for every computer. All these software’s are recommended by the Google. You can download all of them at one stretch. People who have bought their new PC/Laptop doesn’t need to think or search for the basic software’s. Google pack will do all these for you. There are lot of software’s bundled in the Google pack, it is not that you have to download all them as there is a option of choosing only the software you want. So choose what you want from the list and click Download now. If you have already installed some of the software that is in the list, it will show that those are installed already, so you can unselect them.

Let’s see some of the most wanted software,

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Web Browser – The fastest and easiest web browser to browse the web sites.

Spyware Doctor with Anti-Virus – Protects your PC from Virus and Spyware, also used to detect and remove the spyware and Trojans.

Skype and Google Talk – Communicator to call anyone who are on the skype and also to call any landlines and mobile phones at low rates.

RealPlayer – Media player to play all your music and videos files.

Get Google pack from here –


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