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Google+ is the latest to entrant in the Social Networking area and is aimed to make experience of sharing life over the web is same as sharing in real life. Check out the video from Google on a short intro about Google+

Listed below are different features available with brief introduction on each one of them.


The main difference in Google+ compared to Facebook is the way you can group your contacts in to Circles and which in turn acts as separator of the information that can be shared with each group.


Sparks is about following your topic of interest and also quickly sharing those with other people.


Hangout allows users start video conversation with Google+ contacts at any time with maximum of 10 people at a time.


Huddle creates a single conversation page of all message conversation you had with your Google+ friends.

In the next following days we will be covering series of articles on various Google+ topics. The topics listed below would continue to grow as and when we start learning more on Google+ features

How to invite friends to Google+

How to change display language in Google+

How to block or unblock contacts in Google+ Circles

Import contacts from Yahoo and Hotmail to Google+

Import contacts from Facebook to Google+

Chat settings in Google+

How to delete your content in Google+

Privacy settings in Google+

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