Application Blocked by Security Settings error in Internet Explorer

In this tutorial, we will steps required to resolve “Application Blocked By Security Settings” error in Internet Explorer on Windows 8 when trying to launch a Java applet. This similar to the post that already covered about Application Blocked error on Safariimage

Step 1: Access the Charms bar on Windows 8 machine.


Step 2: Select Search option in Charms bar.

Configure Java Search Screen

Step 3: Type Java in the Search Text box and pick Configure Java from the Search Results.

Edit Site List under Security Settings

Step 4: In Java Control Panel window, navigate to Security tab and click Edit Site List.

Step 5: In the Exception Site List window, click Add button to enter the website URL from where you are accessing Java Applet.

Step 6: Click Continue button in Security Warning – HTTP Location popup.

Step 7: Then OK button to close the Java Control Panel.

Now when you try to run the Java applets from the website, the following Security Warning popup will be displayed. Click Run to continue running the applet.


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