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Most of us would keep our Gadgets somewhere and keep searching when we are in a hurry. Say for example if you have kept your i-pod somewhere and wanted to take that when you are in a hurry. In that case don’t you think that if someone should help you to find the result for your search?

Let me share this information with you, system that track your gadgets. Ardi Mini Tracker, from Ardi Technology Corporation, Taiwan has come up with a system tracker that will track your gadgets, cell phones etc.

The Ardi Mini Tracker actually shows with a simple LED arrow in which direction you can go find your cell phone or your gadget. The search detection distance of the Ardi Mini Tracker series is 0m~100m. It has the Master unit and the Slave unit. The Master unit is in a clip shape, and the small slave unit can be attached to mobile phones and other valuable items. The three major functions are: search, alarm and sleep (power saving). You can also keep track of your dog by using the Pet Tracker.

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