Automatically assign categories to incoming mails in Outlook 2013

In this blog, we had earlier seen the steps for creating custom categories and how to block email based on subjects using rules in Microsoft Outlook. Now let us see the step by step instruction for automatically assigning categories to incoming emails using Outlook rules. This example will show how to assign category to email with subject containing the text “Nobel”

Step 1: Navigate to Rules option under Home menu and select Create Rule

Create Rule screen in Outlook 2013

Step 2: In the Create Rule window, click the Advanced Options at the bottom of the window.


Step 3: In “Which conditions do you want to check” select the check box with caption as “with specific words in the subject”

Rules Wizard in Outlook 2013

Then use the Search Text window to add the text as “Noble”.

Search Text

Click Yes to the above warning message to continue with the wizard. 

Step 4: In “What do you want to do with the message?” select assign it to the category option.

assign it to category

Step 5: Then select Category link and specify the category for all the emails with subject containing the text “Noble”.

Color Categories

Click OK button to close Color Categories window.

Step 5: Edit this rule description should appear as shown below with the selected criteria’s

Edit the rule description screen

Step 6: Click Next button until you reach the Finish rule setup screen. Enter the name for your rule and make sue to mark the check box “Turn on this rule”.

Rules Wizard Finish screen

Click Finish button to complete the creation of rule. Now when a new email arrives with the subject containing the “Search Text” it will be assigned to specified category.

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