Battery Doubler – doubles battery life for your Laptop

Are you in the stage of changing the battery for your laptop due to its poor performance? Try out this efficient and cheaper alternative – Battery Doubler.

This tool does not make your laptop screen light etc, instead it finds out what is not being used. Say for example you may not be using the USB ports in your laptop; Battery Doubler turns it off by which it consumes the batter life.

Even the new battery life gets poorer, this is only because of not paying much

attention to it. You have to pay attention to discharge and recharge the battery regularly. If you feel this is really boredom, Battery Doubler makes the life easier for you.




Battery Doubler has something called a recalibration wizard, which does the job of discharging and recharging the battery. You have to just run this wizard and the job is done for you automatically. The interface is very easy to follow and respects Microsoft’s guidelines, which is very intuitive.

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