Behaviours Hyperlinks in Safari browser on iPad or iPhone

Listed below are some of the behaviours of Hyperlinks on an iPad or iPhone Safari browser.

Tap – navigating to another webpage

When you tap on a hyperlink, the users will be taken to the linked webpage. This is the normal behaviour of the hyperlink.

Tap to navigate


Tap and hold for additional options.

iPad users can tap and hold on a hyerplink to access additional features such as Open, Open in New Tab, Add to Reading List and Copy.

Open webpage in New Tab

Option to save image.

If a users taps and holds image linked to a hyperlink, they get an option to save the image on to iPad Camera roll.

Hyperlink - Save image

Launch another application.

A hyperlink can also launch another application when a user tap on it. For example, in the below screenshot the users will taken to App Store for downloading the app when they tap on the View link.



Hyperlink - Launch App Store

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