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Blogo is a blogging tool available on Mac that currently supports WordPress and Blogger platforms. I have tried ealrier ecto and MarsEdit for Mac and Blogo is much better than these two editors. Definitely blogging has been made easy especially on the Mac platform through Blogo.

Blogo user interface looks simple and neat without much cluttering of controls and toolbars. The menu options are intutive and the text formatting appears only when you select any text. So you get the whole screen only for the editor and not any other contols unlike other blogging tools.

Blogo’s inbuilt feature allows users to screen capture and insert cropped image to the post. No more dependency on external image editors for cropping while blogging. Also Blogo allows users to import images from external devices such as iPhone and iPad. Though I missed one feature that allows copy/paste option of image from other tools such Preview.

The left hand side bar provides shortcut for New post, Recent posts, Preview and Comments. Especially if you are maintaining multiple blogs then “Copy to Blog” feature (Copy post from one blog to another blog) could come handy.

Blogo provides range of standard formatting option including support of highlighting code. Other feature includes synching with evernote, offline support, post preview and adding as many blogs to Blogo.

To Summarize, this is one of the best blogging tool which is currently available for Mac OS X.

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