Bookmarks and Favorites bar in iPad Safari

Safari browser in iPad provides users with the option to save and organize bookmarks. Let us see how to add and organize bookmarks and show or hide favourites bar on iPad.

Adding Bookmarks in Safari browser on iPad

Step 1: Launch Safari browser and access your favourite website or blog.

Step 2: Then tap the action icon available at the top left hand corner of Safari browser.

Add Bookmarks in iPad Safari

Step 3: Select Bookmark option from the pop up screen.

Save Bookmarks in iPad Safari

Step 4: Tap Save button in Add Bookmark screen to save the Bookmark.

How to organize bookmarks in iPad Safari

iPad users can access the saved Safari Bookmarks using the Bookmarks option (available next to address bar). This allows users to delete bookmarks or create new folder and organize bookmarks.

Access saved Bookmarks on iPad

Step 1: Tap the Edit Bookmarks then New Folder option.

Delete Bookmarks

Step 2: Tap the – sign on the saved bookmark. This should present you with the option to delete Bookmarks. If you want to organize bookmarks by creating new folder then tap New Folder.

Create new folder under bookmark in iPad

Step 3: Enter name for the folder and navigate back to Bookmarks section. Now you should be able save new bookmarks under this folder.

Add bookmark to folder on iPad


Show or hide favourites bar in iPad Safari

iPad users can save their frequently visited blogs or sites under favourites section. This is similar to Bookmarks but advantage of using favourites is that you can quickly access these websites from Favourites bar.



The Favorites bar will be available below browser navigation controls. But to access the favorites bar from Safari browser you need enable the Show Favorites bar option under Safari Settings.

Favorites bar in iPad Safari

In the previous iOS version had an option to Show or hide Bookmarks bar and now Bookmarks has been replaced with Favorites bar.

Step 1: Tap the Settings icon on iPad.

Step 2: In the Settings screen tap the Safari option.

Step 3: Navigate to General section under Safari settings. Tap the ON/OFF switch show or hide favorites bar.

Show Favorites Bar iPad

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