Browser Cache settings in Firefox 5

Firefox Cache

In this tutorial we will be covering the cache settings available in Firefox 5 browser.

Clear Recent History

Users can quickly clear the cache in Firefox browser using the Clear Recent History menu option. Click the Tools menu and select Clear Recent History from the menu list.


In the Clear Recent History window, select the required drop down value for Time range to clear. Then tick the check box with label as Cache and click on the Clear Now button. This would clear the browser cache from the selected time period.


Offline Cache Storage

If you want to clear the complete cache then you can use the Offline Storage available as part of the Advanced Options. Click the Tools menu and select Options from the list.


In the Option window, click the Advanced tab. Navigate to Offline Storage section under Network tab. Clicking on the Clear Now button would completely clear the Firefox cache. You can also configure the required cache storage by enabling the Override automatic cache management and then specifying the required space in the Limit Cache to field. After making the change, click on the Ok button to save the changes.


Clear Cache on Firefox Exit.

Firefox browser also provides users with the option for clearing the cache on browser exit. This can be configured using the Firefox Privacy settings.


Click the Privacy tab in the Options Window then navigate to History section. Select Use custom settings for history for the Firefox will dropdown.


Tick the checkbox with label as Clear history when Firefox closes then click on the Settings button.


In the Settings for Clearing History window, tick the Cache box and click on the OK button. This would clear the browser cache when ever the user closes Firefox.

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