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How to change Wallpapers on Moto G5 Plus

Changing Wallpapers in Moto G5 Plus can be done by following these steps, from your home screen long press where you can see three options - Wallpapers, Widgets and Settings. Tap on Wallpapers which will take you to another screen with options like Live Wallpapers, Photos and Wallpapers.Though there are no default Live Wallpapers you […] Read More

Turning on Developer Option in Moto G5 Plus

Developer option on your G5 Plus is turned off by default. You may not need this unless you need to perform any serious actions. This will generally be used by the Android developers to run or debug their application.If you want to keep your screen awake while charging and you want to perform any system […] Read More

Know the Storage Info on your Moto G5 Plus

Moto G5 Plus comes with a 4 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM, it also allows to add an external SD card up to 128 GB.  When you keep adding photos, videos  and audio files and you want to check which of these is occupying more space you can follow the below steps.Go to File […] Read More

Show Battery percentage on Moto G5 Plus

Percentage of the Battery is not shown by default unless you make some tweaks to get that displayed. Here are few steps to do that.Swipe the screen from the top and keep pressing the settings icon, it will take you the Settings screen where you can System UI Tuner as shown in the below screenshot. […] Read More

How to create Fingerprint on your Moto G5 Plus

Earlier we used to have patterns, passwords and pins to secure our phone, in addition to those Fingerprint sensor is the latest security which is now available in most of the smart phones. This is one of the greatest feature in Moto G5 Plus too.To set your Fingerprint, follow the below steps:Go to Settings -> […] Read More

Clear browsing history in Android

Listed below are the steps clear the browsing history of Google Chrome in a Android Device such as Nexus or Samsung tab. Solution 1: History screen Step 1: Click the Menu option in Google Chrome (right hand side) Step 2: Select History from the drop down list. Step 3: In the History screen, click the […] Read More

How to personalize owner information in Android Lollipop

Listed below are the steps to change owner information displayed on lock screen in Android Lollipop. You can see the owner information when your device is in locked status Step 1: Tap the menu option on the main screen. Step 2: Tap the settings icon to launch the settings screen. Step 3: In the Settings […] Read More

How to remove email accounts in Android tablet

We had earlier seen the steps for configuring email accounts such Yahoo, Outlook in an Android tablet. Now let us see the procedure for removing configured email accounts on Google Nexus 7. Step 1: Tap the Settings icon on Android tablet. Step 2: In the Settings screen, navigate to Accounts section and tap account you […] Read More

Taking screenshots on Galaxy Grand 2

When you want to share your game high score with your friends you need a screenshot, with Grand2 there are two ways of taking a screenshot. One way of taking a screenshot is - hold and press the home button + power key for a while, this will take a snapshot of the current screen. […] Read More

Make a Story Album using Galaxy Grand 2

Story Album is a feature available on the Galaxy Grand2; using this feature you can organize all your photos and videos to create an album. Various themes are available to make your album attractive. You could also print the album through the online service. Here are some simple steps to create your album, Tap on […] Read More

Rename your device on the Play Store

All the Android devices that you use are registered with play store. You could rename them to differentiate it on the Play Store. To do this, go to and login with your Google account. From the right side, click on the Settings icon and select Settings from the drop down. This will show the […] Read More

Top 10 free Android apps for Galaxy Grand 2

CPU-Z: This app provides all the information about your device, like model number, manufacturer, hardware, ram and storage details. AVG Antivirus Security: Free Anti-Virus security from AVG, to protect your phone from viruses. App Dialer: If you have loads of apps on your device, app dialer helps you identify them quickly by typing the first […] Read More

Find your lost Android Device – Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is a feature that is available on your android phone. If this isn’t available you could download this app from the play store. Android Device Manager once enabled on your phone makes it easy to locate, ring, or wipe your device from the web. To enable this go to Settings -> Security […] Read More

Samsung Grand 2 – Hard and Soft reset

There are two ways of resetting your phone, hard and soft. Hard reset is done by using the hardware keys like power key and volume key and Soft reset is done by using the software. If you are able to go to Settings -> General -> Backup and reset then you could do a soft […] Read More

Smart Stay in Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

Smart Stay is a unique feature which is available in most of the Samsung Galaxy series. This feature is all about saving your battery life. When this feature is activated it uses the front camera to determine where your eyes are looking at. I.e. when you are looking at the phone it keeps the brightness […] Read More

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