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Remove “Save password for free items” in App Store

Mac App Store has a feature that lets users to save password for downloading free apps. When you enable this option and installing any free app will be installed automatically without asking you to enter the password.Incase if you wish you disable this feature then you can do the following Step 1: Launch System Preferences […] Read More

Add line numbers in Word 2013, Word 2010 and Word 2007

Microsoft Word users can add line numbers to a word document using the options available as part of Page Layout menu. In this tutorial we will see the steps for adding line number in Word 2013 and Word 2011 for Mac. If you just want to find out the current line number while editing a […] Read More

Find word count in an email message in Outlook 2013 & Outlook 2010

We have already covered how to's on finding word count in different applications such as Word Count in Mac 2011 Google Script for finding word count Find Word Count in Open Office Enable Word Count in Windows Live Writer Word Count of Paragraph in Word 2010 In this short tutorial we will see how to […] Read More

Reset and Erase content on iPad

In this tutorial we will be covering about the Reset and Erase content feature available on iPad 2. Press the Home button on your iPad and tap the settings icon available on the Home screen.In the Settings page, navigate to Reset option. This would display the following list of options.If you are planning to sell […] Read More

How to hide or unhide photos in iPhone or iPad

iPhone and iPad users can temporarily hide photos from the albums. This is quite useful when you do not want other users to inadvertently view private photos from Albums. Listed below are the steps to hide and unhide photos from Albums in iPhone or iPadStep 1: Navigate to Photos on your device.Step 2: Navigate to […] Read More

Prevent installing or uninstalling apps on iPad or iPhone

In this tutorial we will be see the steps required to prevent any users from installing or uninstalling any apps on iPad or iPhone. This is a useful tip if you are sharing your iPad with other people especially kids and do not want them accidentally uninstall and install any Apps.To prevent users from removing […] Read More

Automatically answer calls in iPhone Speaker

iPhone users have the option to automatically take the calls in Speaker. Listed below are the steps to enable iPhone to receive phone calls in Speaker.Step 1: Tap the Settings icon on the Home screen.Step 2: Navigate to General option in Settings screen.Step 3: Select Accessibility option in General Settings screen.Step 4: Scroll down the […] Read More

How to lock iPhone using Assistive Touch feature

Don’t worry when power button in your iPhone does not work, you can use assistive touch feature lock your iPhone. Listed below are the steps to enable Assistive touch on your iPhone. Step 1: Tap Settings icon on your iPhone screen Step 2: In the Settings screen, tap General Settings. Step 3: Then tap Accessibility […] Read More

How to set proxy server details in iPad

iPad allows users to set the proxy server details using the settings menu option. This is required if you are accessing from a network which is behind firewall or proxy server. To configure the proxy server details in iPad 2 From the iPad home screen, tap the settings menu. In the settings screen, navigate to […] Read More

Show to hide battery percentage on iPad

Show or hide the display of battery percentage on iPad iPad 2 displays the battery percentage at the top right of the corner. But if you do not want to display the battery percentage then you can turn off the battery percentage display using iPad settings. Tap the settings icon available in the iPad 2 […] Read More

How to lock the screen orientation in iPad

We all know that iPad changes screen orientation from landscape to portrait and vice versa based on the sliding. But when the users hold the iPad in angled position the desired screen orientation may not always happen. This can be fixed by locking the screen orientation using the iPad settings. To disable or lock the […] Read More

How disable the sound for keyboard clicks in iPad

The sound heard for keyboard clicks in iPad can be disabled using the settings. To disable the sound Tap the settings icon on the iPad home screen. In the settings screen, navigate Sound settings […] Read More

How to configure Gmail in iPad

iPad allows users to configure different email accounts and this can be done by using the Mail, Contacts, Calendars settings. The different email accounts that can be configure include Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and other. To configure Gmail in iPad 2, Tap the Settings icon in the Home Screen In the setting screen, navigate […] Read More

Missing right click option on Trackpad in Yosemite

The default secondary click behaviour on Trackpad in Yosemite has been set to “click with two fingers”. Listed below are the steps to change the Secondary click to Click in bottom right corner. Step 1: Click Apple icon and select System Preferences from menu list. Step 2: In the System Preferences screen, click Trackpad option. […] Read More

How to turn on passcode in iPad

iPad 2 can be made secured by setting a passcode for the device. This can be done using the iPad settings. To turn on the passcode in iPad, Tap the Settings icon on the Home Screen. In the General Settings screen, navigate to Passcode Lock. This would display the following screen on the right hand […] Read More

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