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How to create a drop shadow effect using TextEdit on Mac

Mac users can use TextEdit app to create drop shadow effect for any text. Listed below are the steps for adding drop shadow effect to the text “Digital Answers”. Step 1: Launch TextEdit and enter the text (Digital Answers) for which you want to add drop shadow effect. Step 2: Set the text size to […] Read More

Freeze desktop on Mac – Prank

This is the same old trick which is done on Windows system and can be done on Mac system as well. You can prank your colleagues that your Mac desktop has frozen. Step 1: Minimise all the application and take the screenshot of the desktop with all the standard icons. Step 2: Take a screenshot […] Read More

How to assign Keyboard shortcut for App menus on Mac

Mac users can assign keyboard shortcut for App menus using the shortcuts option available as part of System Preferences. Let us say you want to assign a keyboard shortcut for Task Manager menu option in Google Chrome app. Step 1: Click Apple icon and select System Preferences from the menu list. Step 2: In the […] Read More

Save Rich Text document as Word document on Mac using TextEdit

In this short tutorial, we will see the steps for saving a document in TextEdit as Word Document (.docx or .doc) on Mac OS X. This is quite useful when you want share the document with Windows user having Microsoft Office installed on their system. Launch TextEdit and type the required document. Navigate to File […] Read More

Quickly see the occupied space of folders and files on Mac

Mac OS X users can quickly find out the total space occupied by folders and files using the status bar. For example, in the below screenshot the home folder contains 15 items and the total size of all the items is 172.18 GB. Show status bar on Mac If the status bar is not shown […] Read More

How to get trash icon on Mac toolbar

Mac users can normally delete a file using keyboard shortcut Command + Option. Mac also provides users with the option to customise the toolbar to get trash icon. Listed below are step by step instructions to add trash icon to toolbar. Step 1: Launch Finder window. Step 2: Click View menu and select Customize Toolbar. […] Read More

How to change the default folder for new finder window

In this Mac tutorial, we are going to the see the steps for changing the default folder content which get displayed when opening a new finder window. In the below screenshot of a new finder window, All My Files is set as the default option. But if you are frequently accessing files from your Mac’s […] Read More

Fix Wi-Fi connection problems when Mac goes to sleep or idle

This article is for all the Mac users having problems with Wi-Fi connection after the installing the recently released OS X 10.9.2 updates. The common symptom is that the system takes lot of time in reconnecting to WiFi while recovering from sleep or idle mode. Listed below are the instructions for resolving this issue. Step […] Read More

How to retrieve password for websites on Mac OS X

All the browsers provide option to save the user credentials for websites. If you are using Mac OS X and want to retrieve the saved username and passwords of these websites then you can use the feature available as part of Keychain Access. For this example, let us try to retrieve the password for Amazon […] Read More

Problems adding pdf books to iTunes on Mac

Are you facing the following problems with iTunes on Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9.1) Books is missing under the Library section on iTunes App. Any PDF’s added via File -> Add to Library in iTunes is not available for device sync. This means that you will not be able to sync any newly added PDF […] Read More

Problem starting oDesk Team app on OS X Mavericks

Listed below are solutions for some of the problems that you might face while trying to use oDesk Team App on Mac OS X.App can’t be opened because it is from unidentified identifier This usually occurs when you try to open any apps downloaded from third party developers and not from Mac App Store. This […] Read More

How to copy photos from Mac to iPad

We had already covered couple of articles on the steps required for copying photos from iPhone or iPad on to Mac using Image Capture. In this tutorial, we are going to see the steps involved to copy photos from your Mac or Windows on to iPad or iPhone. There are many ways to copy photos […] Read More

How to enable automatic app updates on Mac OS X

Mac OS X Mavericks has an option which is available as part of System Preferences that enables automatic app updates on the system. Launching App Store Preferences Step 1: Click the Apple icon and select System Preferences from the menu list. Step 2: In the System Preferences window, click the App Store option. This would […] Read More

Activity Monitor – Terminate non responding processes on Mac

In the earlier tutorial, we had seen the steps required to kill non responding applications on Mac. But when you do not see the application in “Force Quit” screen then you can use Activity Monitor kill the processes. Activity Monitor is a Mac tool which is equivalent to Task Manager on Windows.Terminate processes using Activity […] Read More

How to find out MAC address?

In this tutorial we are going to see the steps required for finding out MAC address on Mac OS X and Windows PC. MAC address is unique address assigned to each physical interface such as Ethernet card, Wi-Fi, FireWire etc.. Find out MAC address on Mac OS X There are couple of ways to determine […] Read More

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