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How to turn off the delete confirmation in iPad Mails

E-mail accounts configured in iPad 2 will display  a delete confirmation message when we try to delete any email message from the account. If you do not want this delete confirmation message to appear while deleting a unwanted email message then you can turn off this confirmation message using the iPad Mail Settings. In iPad […] Read More

How to quickly lock screen rotation in iPad 2

We have already seen how to lock screen rotation in iPad 2 using General Settings. But if you want to quickly lock the screen rotation then you do that using the side switch. This can be done after making the following changes to your iPad 2 settings Tap the Settings icon in iPad 2 home […] Read More

How to change font size in iPad Mail Accounts

iPad provides users to change the font size of the Mail Accounts. This can be done using the Mail, Contacts, Calendars Settings. To the change font size for Mail Accounts in iPad Tap the settings icon from the home screen In the Settings screen, navigate to Mail, Contacts, Calendar and then to the Mail Section. […] Read More

How to install web certificates in iPad 2

If you want to access your corporate Outlook Email Account in iPad 2 then you can access this using Outlook Web Access using Safari browser. Most of the corporate email accounts can be accessed only if you install the company certificate. For installing the Web Certificate in iPad 2 Mail the web certificate to your […] Read More

How to disable preview for mails configured in iPad

Mail Accounts configured in iPad 2 provide preview of the email message. You can change the number of lines displayed in email preview using the iPad Settings option. Select Settings menu from the touch screen and navigate to Mail, Contacts, Calendars option. On the right hand side under the Mail section , the number of […] Read More

How to change the number of recent messages displayed in iPad 2

iPad 2 allows users to configure different mails such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Microsoft Exchange and others. The default number of recent email messages is set to 50. But you can change recent messages using the Mail, Contacts, Calendars settings. Select the Settings option from the Home Screen, navigate to Mail, Contacts, Calendars option and […] Read More

How remove the auto lock feature in iPad 2

iPad 2 has auto lock feature which would automatically lock the iPad after the defined period of idle time reached. But if you want to disable the auto lock then you can change the settings using the General Options. From the home screen select General Settings. In the General Settings, navigate to Auto-Lock option The […] Read More

How to turn on Bluetooth in Apple iPad 2

Apple iPad 2 has in built Bluetooth and by default this would be disabled. You can enable or turn on Bluetooth in iPad 2 using the General Settings. From the home screen, select Settings option. In the General Settings screen, navigate to Bluetooth settings. to enable or turn on the Bluetooth in iPad 2, touch […] Read More

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