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How to reactivate skype credit

Skype credit gets automatically de-activated after 180 days unused period. But you can reactivate the credit by login to Skype website. Listed below are the steps to reactivate Skype credit. Step 1: Launch your Skype Mac App. Step 2: Click Add Credit option below your Skype username Step 3: Click the link next to Manage […] Read More

How to Create Simple Navigation Menu Bar using Photoshop

Here we will create a simple navigation menu bar that can be displayed on a web site. Create a new image from File -> New and give the width and height as shown below, Step 1 : Fill the background layer with "3E3E3E" colour. Step 2 : Create a new layer (name it as "Menu") […] Read More

How to clear the recently accessed files in real one player

Real one player users have the option to clear the recently accessed files. This is quite useful when you do not want any one to see the files played by you. This functionality is known as history list and this list will be displayed under the file menu. Click RealPlayer home menu and select Preferences […] Read More

How to reset your forgotten Gmail password.

Have you forgotten your Gmail password then listed below are the steps to reset your Google Account password. Please note that the below example uses the associated mobile number to receive the passcode. Step 1: Access the webpage and click the Can’t access your account link below the Sign in button. Step 2: Select […] Read More

How to check Aadhaar Card Status and Generate Aadhaar Card Online

Aadhaar card is an unique identification number to the citizens of India provided by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). This article is about the steps required for checking status of Aadhaar card and generation of Aadhaar card online. How to check status of your Aadhar Card online You can check the status of […] Read More

How to find Skype version on Mac OS X

Skype releases updates to its software with new features and bug fixes. These updates are automatically installed by default. In this tutorial we will see how to find out the Skype version and disable automatic installation of release updates. How to find out Skype version (Mac OS X) Click the Skype icon and select About […] Read More

Change the primary email address on LinkedIn

In this article we are going to see the steps required for changing the primary email address on LinkedIn account. If you have changed your job and want to update the LinkedIn account with the new email address then you can follow these simple steps. Step 1: Login to your LinkedIn account. Step 2: Navigate […] Read More

Create new instance of EC2 instance on AWS

Listed below are the steps for creating and connecting to new EC2 instance on AWS. For this example we are going for a new Ubuntu micro instance which is part of the AWS free tier list. Step 1: Sign in to your AWS account page. Step 2: Click My Account/Console drop down available on the […] Read More

Find out outstanding amount on Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web services (AWS) users can find out the current outstanding billing amount using the Account Activity tab. You can keep track of your current charges to avoid over billing of your account. Sign in to to AWS account with your user credentials. Click the My Account/Console drop available at top right corner and select […] Read More

How to find the data usage of airtel broadband

The steps for finding out the data usage of your airtel broadband is little different from the steps that was covered earlier. It is quite useful to know these steps to avoid over downloading and to prevent internet speed reduction. Step 1: Open Airtel Home page in Internet Browser and click the login button under […] Read More

How to turn off Bing search history

Bing search engine provides option to turn off or clear the Search History. If you are using a public computer and do not want others to know your Bing searches then you can use this feature. Step 1: Tap the Settings available at the right hand corner. Step 2: Click the Search History tab The […] Read More

How to Tutorials for bloggers on Feedburner Email Subscription

Most blog owners are using the Feedburner for RSS subscription management. Listed below are some of the Feedburner Email Subscription tutorials that might be helpful for blogger using this service. Deactivate Email Subscription If you are doing massive overhaul of your blog and planning to temporally stop the email subscription service for all your readers […] Read More

How to create bootable DVD of Ubuntu 12 on Windows 8

Explained below are simple steps required for creating Ubuntu 12 bootable DVD on Windows 8 Step 1: Download Ubuntu 12 ISO image from the this location - Step 2: After inserting a blank DVD on Windows 8 system, navigate to the downloaded location of the ISO image. Step 3: Right click on ubuntu-12.10-desktop-i386 ISO […] Read More

How to check the android version on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

The version of Android OS installed on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 device can be found using the option available as part of About section. Step 1: Launch the Settings screen on Samsung Tab 2. Step 2: In the Settings screen, tap the About Device option under System section. Step 3: The About Device details will […] Read More

How to reset data on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Doing a factory reset on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is a must when you are planning to resale your device. The factory reset would clear all the data stored on the device and will configured with the default values. Listed below are the steps required for doing factory reset. Step 1: Access the Settings screen […] Read More

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