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How to import websites username and password in Firefox 9

This short tutorial provides the steps required for importing websites username and password from Firefox 9. We have already seen how to export saved password from Firefox using Password Exporter Add-on. Similarly this add-on provides users with option to import saved password from a XML or CSV file. Click the Firefox icon and select Preferences […] Read More

Prevent auto refresh of webpages in Firefox

We had seen in the previous post about the auto refresh of webpage in Firefox. But some websites have built-in code to automatically refresh the web content at a pre defined time interval. This tutorial is about the steps required to disable the automatic refresh of webpages in Firefox. On Mac system, click the Firefox […] Read More

How to auto refresh page in Firefox

ReloadEvery is a Add-on that provides auto refresh feature in Firefox. This is an useful add-on if you are looking to constantly refresh your web page. And instead of manually reloading the page you can set your preferred time interval for reloading the page. Install ReloadEvery Click the Tools menu and select Add-ons from the […] Read More

How to change the default search engine to bing in Firefox

Firefox like Google Chrome allows users to type search text in the address bar and would display the search results from the configured search engine. The default search engine set in the firefox is Google. And if you want to change the default search engine from Google to Bing then you use the firefox configuration. […] Read More

How to export saved password from Firefox 8.0

We have seen already that Firefox provides users with an option to see the saved password using the Show Password feature. But if you are moving to a different machine and want to copy the saved password from Firefox then you can use Password Exporter Add-on. Install the Password Exported Firefox Add-on Click Tools menu, […] Read More

How to enable spell check in Firefox

We have already seen how to enable spell check in Google Chrome, similarly if you want to enable spell check in Firefox then you can do the following Click the Tools menu and select Options from the displayed menu list. In Firefox Option window, click the Advanced tan then General Sub tab. Then mark the […] Read More

How to enable malware protection in browsers

Most of the browsers provide malware protection to their users, in this tutorial we see how to enable malware protection in Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. Google Chrome Click the Wrench icon and select Options from the menu list. Then navigate to Under the Hood Option screen. In Under the Hood screen, navigate to […] Read More

Browser Cache settings in Firefox 5

In this tutorial we will be covering the cache settings available in Firefox 5 browser. Clear Recent History Users can quickly clear the cache in Firefox browser using the Clear Recent History menu option. Click the Tools menu and select Clear Recent History from the menu list. In the Clear Recent History window, select the […] Read More

About Browser Cache

The Browser Cache is a special feature that is capable of storing the contents of a webpages and displaying the stored data every time the same content is generated since then. It is like taking a "screenshot" of the webpage and using that screenshot. This helps in faster page loading, because the server doesn't download […] Read More

How to quickly disable all add-ons and restart Firefox 5

Firefox 5 has an option that lets users to quickly disable all the installed Add-ons and restart the browser. This is an useful feature when you are experiencing problem with your browser installed with many Add-ons. Manually disabling all the Add-ons would take time instead you can use this option for disabling the active Add-ons. […] Read More

Display world time in Firefox 5 status Bar

FoxClocks is Firefox add-ons which lets Firefox 5 display the World time on the status bar. It is a very simple tool that allows users to have clock based on user preferences including their local time. If you want to have your local time displayed on the status then you can use the Zone Picker […] Read More

How to check updates for Firefox Addons

Firefox 5 allows users to manually check updates for the installed add-ons. You can manually do a update check using the Add-ons Manager. Click the Tools menu and select Add-ons from the list of available menus. In the Add-ons Manager screen, click the Tools for all add-ons icon and select Check for Updates from the […] Read More

How to View cookies stored for a webpage in Firefox 5

Firefox has a feature which allows users to see the cookies created for a web page. To find the cookies created for a web page using Firefox 5, open the web page in Firefox 5 then navigate to Tool menu. From the list of available menu click Page Info to launch a new window with […] Read More

How to enable Save your tabs warning message in Firefox 5

Firefox 5 has a provision for displaying a warning message when users closes the window with open tabs. If this warning message is turned off then you can enable this using the Firefox advanced settings. Firefox 5 advanced settings can be accessed by typing about:config in the address bar. In the advanced settings screen navigate […] Read More

How to see the updates history on Firefox 5

If you have enabled automatic updates in Firefox 5 then using the Show Updates History you can check list of Firefox updates that have been installed. For example if you want to check whether the recently released security update is installed then you can use this feature. Click the Tools menu and select Options from […] Read More

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