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Google Chrome’s private browsing feature that maintains privacy

Google chrome provides a feature which allows users to browse privately, which means users browser histories , downloaded histories or web sites cookies are not maintained after the browsing session. For more information check the below video To access this feature click on the Google Chrome Customize menu and select New incognito window. Alternatively use […] Read More

Clear browsing history, passwords and cookies in Google Chrome

There are already few posts in this blog on how to clear history in various applications like How to clear and disable autocomplete feature in Firefox and internet explorer How to clear the recent file list in windows media player How to clear the recently accessed files in real one player Listed below are steps […] Read More

How to change the download location in Google Chrome

When ever a file is downloaded using Google Chrome, it gets saved in the default location specified in Google Chrome Settings. The default download location in Google Chrome can be changed by clicking on the wrench icon –> select Settings from the menu list In the Settings page, click Show advanced settings which is available […] Read More

How to set default search engine in Google Chrome

Google Chrome provides options to set default search engine using the Google Chrome Customize and Control option. The default search engine will be used for searching while using address bar for searching web. Click the Chrome Customize and Control option available at the top right hand corner. Select Settings from the menu list. In the […] Read More

How to view saved passwords in Google Chrome

All web browsers provide options for saving websites login credentials.  And the browsers provide option to view the saved passwords for the website. Google Chrome users can view the saved passwords using Manage saved passwords options available as part of Chrome Settings. Listed below are the steps to retrieve the stored password for a website […] Read More

How to assign Keyboard shortcut for App menus on Mac

Mac users can assign keyboard shortcut for App menus using the shortcuts option available as part of System Preferences. Let us say you want to assign a keyboard shortcut for Task Manager menu option in Google Chrome app. Step 1: Click Apple icon and select System Preferences from the menu list. Step 2: In the […] Read More

Save any webpage as PDF in Google Chrome

PrintFriendly & PDF is a Google Chrome extension that lets users to quickly save or email a webpage as PDF. This extension can be downloaded and installed from this url. Access the webpage that you want to save or print as PDF and click the Print Friendly & PDF icon on Google Chrome toolbar. Now […] Read More

Open multiple pages on launch of Google Chrome

Google Chrome has a feature that automatically opens multiple pages during the startup. We had already seen the steps required to configure launch pages for google chrome windows. Now let us see the steps required for opening multiple pages using Google Chrome on Mac. Step 1: Launch Google Chrome, click Chrome menu and select Preferences […] Read More

How to add new search engine to Google Chrome

Google Crome users can add new search engine to the existing list using the Manage search engines option. Generally the Default Search engine list includes Google, Yahoo and Bing. Now if you want to add a new search engine to this list, say DuckDuckGo then follow the mentioned steps. Step 1: Launch Google Chrome browser […] Read More

How to organize bookmarks in Google Chrome

This tutorial is about the Bookmark Manager available in Google Chrome that helps users to organize bookmarks. You can navigate to the Bookmark Manager by clicking the Bookmarks menu and selecting Bookmark Manager from the menu list. Grouping Bookmarks Google Chrome users can group bookmarks by creating a folder and assigning all the related bookmarks. […] Read More

How to remove thumbnails in Google Chrome

Whenever a new tab is opened in Google Chrome, it displays frequently visited pages as thumbnails under Most visited section . This is a useful feature to quickly launch your favorite sites. But for some reason if you want to remove any of the thumbnails then you can follow the below mentioned steps. Remove Thumbnails […] Read More

How to retrieve saved password in Google Chrome

Google Chrome allows users to save user credentials for websites by enabling the offer to save password feature. If you have forgotten the username and password of a website and want to retrieve the detail from Google Chrome then you can follow the below mentioned steps. Click the wrench icon and select Preferences from the […] Read More

3 Google Chrome Web app – DSL Speedtest, Print and Tea-clock

In this article we will see three google chrome web apps with different functionality. DSL Speedtest This web app allows users to quickly check their DSL speed. Launch the web app and click the Start SpeedTest. After performing couple of tests, the app will display your broadband internet download and upload speed. Print This extension […] Read More

History Trends – displays statistics of browsing history

History Trends is Google Chrome extension that displays the statistics of your entire browsing history. The statistics are displayed as visual charts that helps to analyze the data quickly. The different statistics available are Top 10 most visited domains and urls Top 10 busiest days Daily statistics The Time of Day which is busiest helps […] Read More – Quickly share files and galleries over the internet is is the simplest and minimalist tool for sharing resources over the internet. Users can share videos, documents, music, files etc. quickly, easily for free. You can share the files by drag & drop or by clicking the upload button. It is not mandatory to create account for sharing resources but the files shared […] Read More

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