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Turn off send without attachments warning message in Outlook

This post provides information on the steps required to turn off the send without attachments warning message in Outlook or Hotmail Account. Hotmail displays the following automatic warning message when a user refers to attachment in the email but does not attach any thing.This is quite useful feature so that you will never forget to […] Read More

How to quickly block sender in Gmail

Gmail has a new feature that lets user to block sender using menu option. A very useful option when you are annoyed receiving emails from some one and want to block the emails from the sender.Step 1: Click Settings icon and pick Settings from the list.Step 2: In the Settings page, Click Filters and Blocklist […] Read More

How to configure Gmail in iPad

iPad allows users to configure different email accounts and this can be done by using the Mail, Contacts, Calendars settings. The different email accounts that can be configure include Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and other. To configure Gmail in iPad 2, Tap the Settings icon in the Home Screen In the setting screen, navigate […] Read More

How to send email as plain text format in Outlook

In this short tutorial, we will see the steps for sending email as plain text in Outlook (Hotmail). Before upgrading to Outlook, Hotmail  had an option which allowed users to send email in Plain text format. In Outlook. users can access plain text under message option. Step 1: Login to your Outlook account and open […] Read More

How to forward emails in Yahoo Mail

Yahoo mail has a feature using which you can forward mails receive in Yahoo account to another email address. This settings is available as part of the Yahoo Account Options. To enable automatic forwarding of Yahoo Mail, click the Options menu (available at the top right hand corner) and  select Settings from the list of […] Read More

How to quickly see the number of unread emails in Gmail

A Gmail user can quickly see the number of unread emails by enabling Unread message icon available as part of Gmail labs. To enable this feature, logon to Gmail then Mail settings from the Options menu In the setting screen, click Labs link then scroll down to Unread message icon feature. Select Enable radio option […] Read More

How to check recent login activity in Yahoo Account

Yahoo has a feature that allows user to check their recent login activity. This is quite useful when you want to monitor from where all your account was accessed. The Recent Login Activity can be launched through the Yahoo Account details screen.Step 1: Login Yahoo Account. Step 2: Click the drop down option available below […] Read More

Do you know these settings in Gmail?

Gmail as we all know the most popular email service provider used by most of the internet users. Here we are going to see two useful settings related with Gmail. Turn On/Off Conversation in Gmail Gmail has a feature that let users to group their conversation with the contacts. This is quite useful when you […] Read More

How to change first name and last name in Google Profile

This article is about the steps required for changing first name and last name in Google Profile. Step 1: Login to you Gmail account (or any Google account) and click the Profile option available at the top right hand corner. Step 2: Click the Account link in the Profile pop up. This should launch the […] Read More

How print email messages in Outlook, Yahoo and Gmail

This tutorial is about the steps required to print an email message in Outlook (Hotmail), Yahoo Mail and Gmail. Step 1: Open the email message which needs to be printed. Step 2: Navigate to More option available on the right hand side then select Print from the listed menu. Gmail also provides an option to […] Read More

Disable people sending email through Google+ profile

Gmail has introduced a new feature using which anyone can sending email to you using your Google+ profile. And this feature by default is enabled to make it easy for people you know to reach you. Your email address will not be displayed to the Google+ user until you reply them. In case you want […] Read More

Where is forward option of Yahoo Mail in iPad

This is in reply to the following query posted by users “I am accessing Yahoo Mail in iPad Safari browser but I cannot find option to forward an email message” When you are accessing Yahoo Mail in your iPad, all the required menus/options are available at the bottom of the screen. Step 1: Login to […] Read More

How to view email header details in GMail

We have already covered the steps required to view email header details in View email header details in Outlook 2010. Header details in Mac Mail. Header details in Hotmail. Viewing header details in Yahoo Mail. Listed below are the steps required for viewing message header details in GMail. Step 1: Sign in to GMail account. […] Read More

How to create rules in Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail has a feature that lets users to create filters to move the incoming messages to specific folders. This is similar to rules feature available in Microsoft Outlook that can be used for blocking emails based on subject. Let us consider the scenario where you have subscribed to daily newsletter of a blog and […] Read More

How to restore previous version of Yahoo Mail

In this tutorial we are going to see the steps required to switch to previous version Yahoo Mail. You can do this by using the settings provided as part of Mail Options. Step 1: Login to Yahoo Mail account and click Settings icon available at the top right hand corner. Step 2: Select Mail options […] Read More

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