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Word 2010 not saving any changes to normal template

Couple readers have reported that default font change in word 2010 was not getting saved properly. This could be due to some add in problem or because of corrupt normal template file. You can try disabling or removing add-ins installed on Word 2010. Check out how to remove add-ins on Word 2010 for more information. […] Read More

How to remove add-ins on Word 2010

In this tutorial we will see how to remove or disable add-ins on Microsoft Word 2010. If you have any strange behavior in your word application then you can try disabling all the third party add-ins and see if it resolves the issue. Click the File menu and select Options from the list. In Word […] Read More

Word 2010 not highlighting spelling and grammatical errors

If your word document does not highlight the spelling and grammatical errors then probably you can check the settings mentioned below. Let us say you have the following sentence with spelling and grammar errors and currently these errors are not highlighted. Select the sentence and click the Review menu and navigate to Language section. Select […] Read More

How to insert horizontal line in Word 2010

In this tutorial we will see how to quickly insert horizontal line in Word 2010. Word allows users to inset a horizontal line using the menu option available as part of the Paragraph section. Navigate to Paragraph section available under the Home menu in Office Ribbon. Click the menu option next to Shading menu and […] Read More

Turn off warning message displayed for tracking changes in Word 2010

This is regarding a query asked by a Digital Answers reader that whether we can get rid of the message that is shown while trying to save a document with Tracking changes. <Thanks Chris for asking this query> Microsoft Word 2010 provides users with an option to turn off the warning message that is getting […] Read More

How check whether Office 2010 in 32 bit or 64 bit

In this short tutorial we will see how to check whether your installed office 2010 product is a 32 bit or 64 bit. One of the way to find these details is by using the options provided as part of the Office 2010 help menu. Launch any of the office application such as Microsoft Word. […] Read More

How to remove table and keep text in Word 2010

Word 2010 has a feature that allows users to remove the table borders but keep the content within in the table. Let us see this with an example table data. Select the table and navigate to the Layout menu under Table Tools. In the Layout Menu, click Convert to Text option available as part of […] Read More

Close document without closing Word Application

If you have a requirement that you want to close a word document but without closing the Word application then you can do the following. Using File Menu. Click on the File menu and select Close from the list of available menu option. This would close only the document. Using Keyboard Shortcut. The Keyboard shortcut […] Read More

Customize quick access toolbar in Word 2010

This tutorial explains the steps required for customizing quick access toolbar in Word 2010. QAT (Quick Access Toolbar) provides users with an option for adding a set of commands. Let us say you want to close the current document without exiting the Word application. You can use the Close command for Closing only the document. […] Read More

How to move Quick Access Toolbar in Word 2010

Quick Access Toolbar in Word 2010 allows users to add set of commands that would help them while working in Word. It is advisable to add the most frequently used commands as part of your Quick Access Toolbar. The Quick Access Toolbar by default appears at the top of the Word application i.e above Office […] Read More

How to display gridlines in Word 2010 and 2013 document

Microsoft Word 2010 and 2013 provides users with option for displaying the gridlines in a word document. These gridlines cannot be printed but they can be used for positioning the texts, pictures and any objects. You can show gridlines in Word document using the menu option available as part of the View menu. From the […] Read More

Find Autocorrect entries file in Word 2010

We have already covered about the replace as you type option in Word 2007. The same feature is also available in Word 2010 under the Proofing options. One of the reader this blog had the following question regarding replace as you type feature. Problem I am encountering is I am creating autocorrects for frequently used […] Read More

Find repeated words in Word 2010

Microsoft Word 2010 has a feature that checks for the occurrence of repeated words in a word document. For example if you have typed a word twice continuously then the second word will be highlighted for as shown below. Also Word provides the user with option for deleting the repeated word. The find repeated word […] Read More

Change the insert date format in Word 2010

This tutorial is in reply to the comment added for insert date and time in Word 2010. The question asked by the reader is Is it possible to create a new date format other then the ones available? I want just “February 2011? instead of “February 11? or “21 February 2011? One possible way is […] Read More

Change colour of hyperlinks in Word 2010

This tutorial tells you how to change the colour of hyperlinks in a Word document. The default hyperlink colour in a document or any application is blue. And Word 2010 provides users with the option for changing the hyperlink colour. If you want to change the colour make sure you have got hyperlink available in […] Read More

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