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How to add signature line to document in Word 2013

Word 2013 provides users with the option to add signature line to the document, The signature line is a block that will be inserted in your document as shown below. You can add your signature to this block by using any Digital Signature services or just take print out the document and add your signature. […] Read More

Save Rich Text document as Word document on Mac using TextEdit

In this short tutorial, we will see the steps for saving a document in TextEdit as Word Document (.docx or .doc) on Mac OS X. This is quite useful when you want share the document with Windows user having Microsoft Office installed on their system. Launch TextEdit and type the required document. Navigate to File […] Read More

How to use autocorrect to replace text with image in Word 2013

Autocorrect in Microsoft Word is quite powerful and as can use this feature to replace text with image. In this tutorial, let us see the the steps for replace text with picture in Word 2013. Step 1: Navigate to Insert menu, click Pictures under illustrations section Step 2: Using the Insert Picture dialog, select and […] Read More

Spelling and grammar check in Word 2013

The Review menu in Word 2013 has the option to check for spelling and grammar errors. Let us say you want to run through a document for spelling and grammatical errors then you can navigate to Review menu and click the Spelling and Grammar option under Proofing section. If there any errors in the document […] Read More

Ribbon Display Options in Office 2013

In this tutorial, we will be covering the different displays options in Office 2013 Ribbon. Office Ribbon in Word 2013, Excel 2013 and other office products will be always displayed and this is the default behaviour. But there are three options available which allow users to change display of Ribbon. You can access the Ribbon […] Read More

How to save Watermark in Word 2013

We have covered earlier about the steps required for inserting watermark in Word 2010 and Office for Mac 2011. Microsoft Word users can also save watermark to the gallery for future use. Here are the steps required to insert and save watermark in Word 2013. Insert Watermark Step 1: Launch Word 2013 and click the […] Read More

How to insert horizontal line in Word 2013

Listed below are the steps required for inserting horizontal line in Word 2013. Step 1: Open the document where you want to add horizontal line in Word 2013. Step 2: Position mouse cursor at the point of insertion. Step 3: Navigate to the Paragraph section in the Home menu. Step 4: Click the Border menu […] Read More

How to check version of Office 2013 products

This tutorial provides the simple steps required for finding out the version any Office 2013 applications such as Word 2013, Outlook 2013, Excel 2013 etc.… For this example we will be using the screenshots from Word 2013 Consumer Preview. Step 1: Click the File menu then the Account link. Step 2: Then navigate to Product […] Read More

How to launch Word 2013 with blank document

Word 2013 by default displays the start screen during the launch. But if you find this feature not useful and want to always open blank document when launching the application then you can use the settings available part Word 2013 options. Step 1: Launch Word 2013 and click the File menu. Step 2: From the […] Read More

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