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Slide Show keyboard shortcuts in PowerPoint

PowerPoint 2016, 2013 and 2010 Slide Show keyboard shortcut will be displayed as part Slide Show help (by pressing F1 during a Slide Show). The different Slide Show Shortcuts available as part of PowerPoint are Advanced to the next slide ā€˜Nā€™, space, right or down arrow, enter, or page down Return to the previous slide […] Read More

Export presentation handout notes to Word

PowerPoint 2016 & 2013 users can use the export feature to create handout notes for their presentation in Word. This is quite useful when you want to quickly take print out of your presentation notes for all your audience.Step 1: Open the presentation in PowerPoint 2013, click File menu and select Export option from the […] Read More

How to convert .pptx to text file using Office

PowerPoint 2016 and 2013 can be used to convert .pptx file to .txt file. This is quite useful when you want to send out content from PowerPoint file to contacts without having PowerPoint installed on their system.Step 1: Open the .pptx file in PowerPoint 2013.Step 2: Click File menu and select Save as from the […] Read More

How to print presentation in black and white or Grayscale

PowerPoint 2016 allows users to print a presentation in black and white or Grayscale using Setting under Print menu.Another alternative to print the presentation in Grayscale is by using Printer Properties. Click Pinter Properties in Print screen.In the Printer Properties screen, click the Advanced button available at the right bottom corner.Then under Printer Features, you […] Read More

Start with blank presentation in PowerPoint 2016

When you launch PowerPoint 2016 by default it shows list of presentation templates as shown below. But most of the time if you are planning to use only blank presentation then you can hide this templates screen by following the below mentioned steps. Step 1: Launch PowerPoint 2016 and open a new or existing presentation. […] Read More

How print only notes in PowerPoint

We had seen the steps for adding notes in PowerPoint and now we will see how to print only notes in PowerPoint 2016, 2013 and 2010. The default print settings in PowerPoint is set to full slides and you can change this using the Print option. Click File menu and then the Print menu option. […] Read More

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