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Microsoft Outlook 2007 – Can’t open the meeting item, object not found error.

If you have received a calendar appointment in your Inbox and while deleting it an error is displayed that. can't open the meeting item, object not found Then try viewing the message with auto preview option and delete the mail again as this might fix the problem […] Read More

How to use Microsoft Word 2007 as a blog editor for WordPress

Microsoft Office 2007 can be used a blog editor and for publishing blog posts. Some of the blog providers supported by Microsoft 2007 are Windows Live Spaces, Wordpress, Blogger, SharePoint blog, Community Server, Typepad and others. The steps to be followed to make Microsoft Office 2007 as blog editor for a wordpress blog are listed […] Read More

Microsoft Word 2007 Tips and Tricks – How to find Word Count

In Microsoft Word 2007 the Word Count option for the document is available under the Proofing section in the Review.   This option provides the same behaviour as the previous Microsoft Word version as shown in the below Word Count dialog.   And for displaying the number of Words in the status bar, you need […] Read More

How to configure Microsoft Outlook 2007 for Hotmail, Yahoo and GMail accounts

It is always good to have one tool for checking all your email accounts such Yahoo, Hotmail and GMail. Microsoft Outlook 2007 provides these options and it is very easy to configure these accounts. Follow the steps below to configure email accounts of your choice using MS Outlook 2007 settings. 1. Click Tools menu followed […] Read More

How to find mailbox and other folder size in Microsoft Outlook 2007

There are times when your office mailbox size needs to be less than specified limit as per company's policy and all employees have to adhere to that. So if you want to determine the folder size of your mailbox or inbox then you can do the following. Right click the folder for which the size […] Read More

Microsoft Outlook – How to stop receiving invitation response for new Appointments

In Microsoft Outlook you can create a new Appointment and invite attendees by sending a new Invitation. And by default all the attendees will receive the invitation and they can accept or decline it. While accepting they are prompted with three options Send response now Edit and send response now Do not send response If […] Read More

Disable automatic deletion of meeting requests in Outlook 2010

If you do not want to automatically delete a meeting requests or notification or  after responding then you can disable this feature using Outlook Email Options. Click on the File menu –> Options link navigate to Mail tab on the left hand side and scroll down Send messages section. Un tick the check box with […] Read More

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