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Autocorrect in Word – Replace text as you type

Autocorrect in Microsoft Word 2016, Word 2013, 2010 and 2007 has a feature called replace any text as you type. This tutorial provides an example for replacing text with text and image in Word document.Replace text as you type in Word 2016, Word 2013, Word 2010 and Word 2007In Word 2013 and Word 2010 you […] Read More

How to export Outlook events to Google Calendar

This tutorial explains the steps required to export Outlook Calendar events to Google Apps Calendar. In order the transfer events from Outlook 2013 and 2010 to Google Calendar, you need to do the following Export Outlook events in to CSV file. Import CSV file with Outlook events in to Google Calendar. Export Outlook Calendar Events […] Read More

How to clear the recently accessed documents in Adobe Reader X

Adobe Reader X displays recently accessed documents as part of the File menu. If you want to clear the recently accessed documents in Adobe Reader, then you can use the Preferences settings to change this behaviour. In Adobe Reader, click Edit menu and select Preferences from the menu list In the Preferences screen, navigate to […] Read More

Crop images using MS Office Word 2007

When you want to crop an image you don’t have to use MS Paint or any third party tool to crop the image. You can use MS word without losing the quality of the image. Here are some simple steps about how to crop the image using your MS word, Let me take a screenshot […] Read More

Making a simple Mirror effect in Photoshop

Let’s get on with making a simple mirror effect in Photoshop Step 1: Create a new Photoshop document of size mentioned below (500x165), Step 2: Create a new layer and drop a Gradient, I used the colours (4AF300 and A8F288), your new doc will look something like this, Step 3: Now let’s add a text […] Read More

How to turn on/off suggestions in Bing search engine

Bing search engine provides suggestions in the search text box as the user types the search text. This feature is quite useful when you have problems remembering spelling of the search text or when your search text is too long and you want to pick it from the suggestion list. Bing allows allows users to […] Read More

How to set default search engine in Google Chrome

Google Chrome provides options to set default search engine using the Google Chrome Customize and Control option. The default search engine will be used for searching while using address bar for searching web. Click the Chrome Customize and Control option available at the top right hand corner. Select Settings from the menu list. In the […] Read More

How to view saved passwords in Google Chrome

All web browsers provide options for saving websites login credentials.  And the browsers provide option to view the saved passwords for the website. Google Chrome users can view the saved passwords using Manage saved passwords options available as part of Chrome Settings. Listed below are the steps to retrieve the stored password for a website […] Read More

15 powerful tips to use Google search more effectively

Google search is the most popular search tool and the followings tips would help in search web pages using Google more efficiently OR operator can be used for doing This or that search. For example if you want to see web pages containing words apples or oranges then the search term has to be apples […] Read More

Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA) keyboard shortcuts

These are some of the useful outlook web access shortcut keys Del – Delete a message Enter – Open any outlook item (Message, Appointments, Notes etc.) Ctrl+N – Create a new outlook item (Message, Appointments, Notes etc.) Ctrl+R – ‘Reply to’ a message Ctrl+Shift+R – ‘Reply to all’ message Ctrl+Shift+F – Forward  a message Alt+S […] Read More

How to change the colour theme in Microsoft Word 2007

Microsoft Word 2007 can be configured with different colour themes. The default colour theme is blue. This theme can be set using the Word Options. Under Word Options, Popular menu, you can find Colour scheme under Top options for Working with Word. The different styles that are available are Blue (default), Silver and Black. This […] Read More

Delay your mails to be delivered with Outlook 2007

You can delay your mails to be delivered with Outlook 2007. This is a very simple and useful option where you can delay the mails that you want to delivery at sometime later. For example if you want to send your status report to your boss at 8pm and you wanted to leave before that, […] Read More

How to turn off the email notifications from YouTube

In this short tutorial we will see how to turn off the email notification received from YouTube. YouTube sends notification to the users when any one of the following events occur When a comment is added to a Video. Comment is added to the Channel. A private message or shared video is received. A message […] Read More

Edit Videos on YouTube for Free

A new feature in YouTube allows users to edit the uploaded videos for free in YouTube. Let us see this with an example by changing the audio for Auto startup Outlook 2010 using the Video editing feature. Login in to your YouTube account and select the video that needs to be modified. Click the Edit […] Read More

How to password protect workbook in Excel Mac 2011

Excel for Mac 2011 users can password protect the workbook using the option provided as part of the File menu. Click the File menu and select Passwords from the displayed menu list. This would display the following File Passwords window with different password option. You can set a password for opening the excel workbook using […] Read More

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