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How to change the DVD region in a Windows XP Operating system.

A DVD device is configured to play DVD's from particular region only, for example if you have bought a laptop in UK then the DVD device would probably play only region 2 DVD's. And if you want to change the DVD region setting to play other regions DVD. the following has to be done. Click […] Read More

How to setup remote assistance for Windows XP machines.

Remote Assistance is a feature available in Windows XP by which you can access your PC from other computers. This is quite handy when you need remote assistance to solve certain PC issues. To allow remote assistance you need to do the following. Open system properties (Control Panel - System) and click on the Remote […] Read More

How to clear the most recently visited documents in Windows XP

The most recently visited documents can be cleared by following steps.Right click on the Start button of your Windows XP and click on properties.This should display Taskbar and StartMenu properties as shown below Click on Customize button should display the Customize Start Menu dialog. The Advanced tab has a button ClearList which is used for […] Read More

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