Change background and theme in Microsoft Office

Office 2013 users can change the background and theme using the settings available as part of the Word options.Changing the background and themes would be helpful to quickly identify your opened Office 2013 application when you have other application running at the same time.

Change background in Office 2013

Launch any one of the Office 2013 application(Word, Excel, Outlook) then click the File menu followed by Options. In the General Options screen, navigate to Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office section and click the drop down with the label as Office background.

Calligraphy backround in office 2013

Now you can choose your desired from the list of available backgrounds.




Clouds backround in office 2013


Lunchbox backround in office 2013


Stars backround in office 2013

Change themes in Office 2013

Similarly Office 2013 users can change the themes using the Office Theme options available as part of the General Options.

Change theme in Office 2013

Click the Office Theme drop down and choose White or Light Gray or Dark Gray from the list.


white theme in Office 2013

Light Gray

Light Gray theme in Office 2013

Dark Gray

Dark Gray theme in Office 2013

Change scheme in Office 2007

Office 2007 users can use the scheme option to change the Office background and the default colour theme is blue.

Change scheme in Office 2007

This theme can be set using the Word Options.

Word Options in Office 2007

Under Word Options, Popular menu, you can find Colour scheme under Top options for Working with Word.

Color scheme in Office 2007

The different styles that are available are Blue (default), Silver and Black. This is how Word looks with colour theme as Black.

Change background in Office 2007

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