Change language from Espanol to English in Nexus 7

This is in reply to the email received from a reader

I’m setting up my new Nexus 7 and put the language in as Espanol in error, instead of English, my choice. I cant get it changed and need help.
Thank you”

Step 1: Tap the menu option in home screen.


Step 2: From the list of option, select Ajustes.


Step 3: In Ajustes screen, navigate to Personal section and select Idioma e introduction de

language settings in Android tablet

Step 4: Tap Idioma and select English from the list.


For this demo, I have selected English (India)


Step 5: Confirm and save the changes by selecting Aceptar in the confirmation pop up screen.

Change display language in Nexus 7

By this way you can change the display language in Nexus 7 (or any Android devices) from EspaƱol to English.

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