Change the insert date format in Word 2010

Four Leaf Clover  and New Year. January 2010.

This tutorial is in reply to the comment added for insert date and time in Word 2010. The question asked by the reader is

Is it possible to create a new date format other then the ones available? I want just “February 2011? instead of “February 11? or “21 February 2011?

One possible way is to add the date format in windows regional settings and that should get listed in the Word 2010 available formats.

Changing Regional Settings

Launch Windows Control Panel then navigate to Regional and Language Options.


Click on the Customize this format button in Regional and Language Options window.


This would launch the following Customize Regional Options window.


Navigate to Date formats and change the Short date or Long date format to the format that needs to appear in Word 2010. For example if you want the date to appear as August 2011 then change the Short date as “MMMM yyyy”. Click on the save button to confirm the changes.


Insert Custom date format in Word 2010

Now launch your Word 2010 application and click on the Insert menu. To insert a date in the word document, navigate to Text section and then click on the Date & Time menu option.


This would display the following Date and Time window and the available formats would now display the custom date format that was added using Windows Regional Settings.


Select the required format and click on the Ok button to insert the date in the selected format.

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  • Ric Buckner August 5, 2011, 9:47 pm

    Wonderful! This works great! Thanks.

  • Rob October 10, 2012, 4:19 pm

    This would be the answer to my problem but I do not have the option “customize this format” option in Word 2010 and nor does anyone else in the office?

  • Robert Oates October 17, 2012, 3:14 am

    A struggle to follow the indistinct voice and the music could only have been added by somebody bent on making the whole process more difficult. Very much a case of style over function. I would strongly reccomend you take professional advise or find another career.

  • Dayvid November 30, 2012, 12:37 am

    I have not seen any indication that changing the settings in the Regional Settings or creating a custom format there has any impact on the options available in Word. Some of the options in Word are rather unusual, and I know neither where it is getting them nor who uses them. By contrast, the standard American format of “January 01, 2010” is not offered.

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