Check Indian railways train arrival and departure using SMS

Indian railways train arrival and departure can be checking by sending SMS using your mobile phone.

The SMS format should be <AD Train No. STD Code >

The SMS the message to 139.

Example :- if you want to find the departure of Train no 2637 from Chennai. Then the following SMS needs to be sent to 139

AD 2637 044

and the result is

Tr : 2637-PANDIAN EXP Stn Name ; CHENNAI EGMORE Stn to Start: 24 feb 10 21;45 Exp Dept : Ex-21 :45 24 feb 2010 Late by : NO DELAY Hrs

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  • vikas khapra December 16, 2010, 8:52 pm

    arrival time of sampark kranti 2649 at nizamudin

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