Clear Cache in Opera Browser


In this tutorial we will be looking at the steps for clearing cache in Opera Browser. This article is in continuation with the browser cache post.

The cache settings in Opera browser is available under the Preferences menu. Opera provides the following option for the users

  • Empty the browser cache.
  • Always check for any update file on the server.

Click on the Tools menu and select Preferences from the list of available menus.


In the Preferences window, navigate to Advanced tab and then to the History section.


Using the Empty Now button the users can clear the Disk Cache. If you want to empty the cache on exit of the browser then tick the checkbox with label as Empty on Exit.


Similarly if you want to always check for any file updates on the server then you can use the Check documents and Check images drop down values and set the values as Always. This will ensure that the request always retrieves the changed files and images though they are available as part of cached pages.


After making the required changes, click the Ok button to confirm and save the changes.

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