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This is the last post in about browser cache series and here will be covering the steps required for clearing browser cache in Internet Explorer 9.

Manually Clear Cache

IE users can manually clear cache using the Delete Browsing History option. Click on the Tools menu and select Internet Options from the list.


In the Internet Options screen, navigate to the Browsing history section available under the General tab.


Click on the Delete button and this would display the following Delete Browsing History window.


Tick the check box with label as Temporary Internet files and click on the Delete button to manually clear the IE 9 browser cache.

Delete browsing history on exit

The above steps can be automated by enabling Delete browsing history on exit option. Marking this checkbox would clear the temporary internet files on every browser exit.


Stop using Cached pages

If you do not want to use the cached temporary internet files then you can turn on the option that would always check for newer versions of webpage every time you access the page. This can be done by clicking the Settings button and selecting Every time I visit the webpage for Check for newer versions of stored pages radio option.


The downside of this option is that Internet Explorer will not use the stored copies of webpages, images and media and this would increase loading time of webpages.

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