Clear inactive and background processes on Grand 2

In Android phones, when you don’t close the applications properly they remain running in the background, this will consume lot of memory which will slow down the performance of the phone. For this there is no need to install any third party applications from the play store, this is by default available on the Samsung Grand 2.

To get this, go to Widgets and scroll to get the ‘Active application’ as shown in the screenshot. Just press this for a while so that it gets placed in the home screen. This can be moved to other screens as well.

Android Widgets

From the home screen, tap on this application this will show the active application, from the screenshot there are applications running – Skype and Chrome. It also shows the RAM that these applications are using. You could either end the applications one by one or tap End all to close all at once.

Android Active Apps

When you feel that the phone is very slow you could clear the memory using the RAM manager. When the ‘Active application’ is running tap on RAM, it takes to the RAM manger screen. Here you can see the status of RAM the phone is using. Tap Clear memory to kill all the applications to free the memory. This will remove all the completed and on-going application functions from RAM.

Grand 2 RAM Status

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