Enable personal hotspot on iPhone 4S using Vodafone India

No need to carry any USB data card if you have got iPhone 4S with 3G connection. Personal hotspot feature in iPhone 4S allows users to share their 3G boadband and create a WiFi or Bleutooth hotpsot. Listed below are the steps required to enable personal hotspot on iPhone 4S with Vodafone India postpaid connection.

  • Call up Vodafone India Customer Care (111) and request them to enable iPhone basic service. Also it is assumed that you have got appropriate 3G data plan selected for your postpaid connection. 
  • Press the iPhone 4S menu button and tap the Settings icon on the Home screen.

iPhone 4S Settings screen  

  • From the Settings screen, tap the General option and select Network. 

iPhone 4S network settings

  • Make sure to turn on the Cellular Data option. Only then the Personl Hotspot will be enabled and it be availble when you scroll down the screen.

iPhone 4S personal Hotspot

  • Tap the Personal Hotspot and navigate to Personal Hotspot settings screen. Then Turn on the Personal Hotspot option. If the Personal Hotspot is not enabled by the Service Provider (Vodafone India) then iPhone will display the label as Setup Personal Hotspot.
  • If you want to change the default Personal Hotspot WiFi password then tap the Wi-Fi password and set your desired password.

Personal Hotspot WiFi password

  • Once Personal Hotspot is enabled, the option will be available as part of the Settings main screen.

Personal Hotspot settings screen

  • Now to use your Mobile 3G connection for internet access, turn on WiFi on your laptop and this should display your iPhone name listed under the available Wi-Fi networks. Enter the Personal Hotspot Wi-Fi password to join and use the 3G connection.
  • Once the connection is shared with any external device or system, the iPhone will display the details about the connection as shown below.

Personal Hotspot WiFi iPhone 4S screenshot


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  • Prithvi July 18, 2013, 9:05 am

    I am trying to do the same with my Android 2.2.2 device using Prepaid Voda IN 2G – unlimited plan. Any idea if Voda allows sharing thru’ personal hotspot over their 2G for prepaid customers?

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