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Facebook Contacts

Transferring contacts from Facebook to Gmail has become little difficult after Facebook removed Gmail from the list of Third Party Email Providers. And now there are some services available using which contacts can be extracted from Facebook and then imported back to Gmail. Couple of those services are listed below which does the initial step of copying contacts from Facebook in to csv file format.

Facebook Friend Exporter

Facebook Friend Exporter is Google Chrome Extension which allows Facebook users to export contacts to a csv file. After installing this extension, you can notice a “Export friends” menu in Facebook page as shown below.

Export Friends

On clicking the Export friends link, you will be redirected to a page which would then start exporting your Facebook contacts and display the information in a csv file format. Now copy the contact details and store it in a file with .csv extension.

Friends to Gmail

Friends to Gmail is another service that lets users to connect to the Facebook account and download the user details in to csv file same as Facebook Friend Exporter.

After exporting the Facebook contacts in to a Comma Separated Value file, navigate to your Gmail Contact section. If you want group your Facebook contacts then create a new Contact group. Now on clicking the Import Contacts link, the following window will be displayed where you can choose the csv file for upload and if needed specify the group for the imported contacts.

Import Contacts

After providing the required information, click the Import button to start the transfer of contacts. The following confirmation window will be displayed after the completion of process.

Import Contacts Complete

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