Create and Share Presentations using Google docs

Creating a presentation in Google docs is very simple as you don’t have start it from the scratch. There are default templates available from which you can select. Let’s see how to do that,

When you are in Google docs, click Search Templates button, this will show you a huge number of templates that are available.



Select the one that will fit your presentation. I have selected a template to show you how it works. This template has lot of screens where you can have the wanted and remove unwanted ones. Start editing the template with your words and pictures.


When you are done with your editing and if you want to share this presentation you don’t have to send this as a email attachment to your contacts. Google docs allow you to share this presentation and make you view the presentation together. Let’s see how it works,

Click Share button and Sharing settings


Sharing settings window opens and you are here to invite the contacts. Just add the people as shown below and type a message and click Share.


When you click the Share button an email is sent to the contacts you have invited. The users have to open the url and this will ask them their Gmail id to logon. When they are logged in the presentation is started and the presenter (that is you) have to click the link View together so that you can view the presentation together.


There are other options in the presentation

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