Create customs views to show only unread messages in Outlook 2013

Microsoft Outlook users have the option to customize the view for reading the messages. This is useful when you are dealing with lot of email messages and want to customize the view based on different criteria. In this tutorial, we will see the steps for creating customs views to display all unread messages in Outlook 2013. Let us also try to show the unread messages with sort order based on From address.

Step 1: Navigate View menu in Outlook 2010 and click Change View under Current View section.

Change View in Outlook 2013

Step 2: Click Manage Views under Change View drop down.


This should display the following Manage All Views window.

Manage All Views

Step 3: Click the New button under Manage All Views.


Step 4: In Create a New View, select Table option and enter name for the custom view. This demo uses the name of the view as “Unread Messages” and select All IMAP folders for “Can be used on”

Create a New View in Outlook 2013

Step 5: The Advanced View Settings, click Sort option and “From” for Sort items by with Sort order as “Ascending”

Advanced View Settings in Outlook 2013

You can also specify the second sort order like “Received”

Sort order for Custom views

Clock OK button to confirm and close Sort selection window.

Step 6: Then click Filter option in Advanced View Settings screen. Navigate to More Choices tab in Filter window and make sure to mark the checkbox with label as “label items that are” with dropdown selection as “unread”.

Filter criteria for custom views in Outlook 2013

Click Ok button on Filter screen then Ok button on Advanced View Settings screen to close respective screens.

Step 7: In the Manage All Views screen, click Apply View button to see newly created custom view.

Apply View in Microsoft Outlook

Also See: How to change the email sort order in Outlook.

The newly created view should now be available as part of the Change View drop down as shown in the below screenshot.

Customize View in Outlook 2013

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