Create Drawings using Google docs.

Creating drawings or inserting object’s in a word document is very simple. Likewise the same in Google docs, let’s see how to do that,

Logon on to your Gmail account, click Create new button and select Drawing and you get the untitled drawing document opened.

You have different shapes when you click on the shapes icon, so select whatever you want from the list.


I am going to try out a circle as shown below,


And other shapes like line, adding text with colours


When you want to change the background of the document that you create, click Format -> Background and select the colour


So here is your document that has a background as shown below,


You can download this drawing as a PNG, JPG, SVG or a PDF. So click File -> Download as -> and select the options that you need.


Rename the document and have it in your Google docs area,


So here is how you get your drawing saved and stored in Google docs area.


Click Share button and select Email as attachment option to send the drawing that you have created to anyone. This attachment can be sent as a PNG, JPG, SVG or a PDF. Other options in the email screen are choosing the contacts from the contacts list, sending a copy to you.


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