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Hotmail has some cool features which allows users to create email aliases based on their needs. A quick email alias can be created by appending text with a + sign to your existing email address. For example if your email address is and you want to receive all bank related emails with a different alias then you can provide a email address as ravi+bank@homtail. The emails addressed to ravi+bank@hotmail will also be delivered to the same account.

Another way for creating a permanent Hotmail alias is by using Create a Hotmail alias option.

Create a hotmail alias

If you want to provide an email address in the contact page of your blog so that your primary email address is not exposed. Provide an alias email address and click on The Create an alias button.

Create a hotmail alias email address

If the email address is available then the following screen would be displayed to specify the folder where you want the mail sent to the new alias to go.

Setup hotmail alias

After selecting the folder, click on the Done button. As a confirmation of alias setup, you should be a receiving a “Start using your new alias” email from the Hotmail Team.

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